Name competition – 50.000 kr. for the best name

Efling will start a school for its members in the spring semester. This is a reorganization of the union‘s current educational system in addition to a new study program. The goal is to modernize education for members, increase diversity and make education more purposeful and interesting than before. This new school will be an umbrella over Efling‘s current teaching offerings such as union representative training, DROP-INN morning programs, activity courses, retirement courses and other individual course offerings.There will also be a general course for all Efling members. In this general course, Efling members are provided with support and tools to increase influence, work for the benefit of the trade union movement and general social issues. The course will be divided into four parts and the first part will begin in April 2021.In the first part of the general course, which will be held in April, Efling members will be shown opportunities for influence and recieve guidance in how to exert influence, the use of social labels and other effective ways to express their views and ideals.General course

What should we call the school?- Name Competition – 50.000 kr. for the best name

A competition is being held for the name of the new school. In order to participate in the name competition, please send a proposal to or by phone at 510 7500, with your name and kennitala.The winning proposal will recieve 50.000 kr.Please contact Fríða Rós, Education Team Manager for Efling, for further information at or at 510 7578.The competition judges reserve the right to reject all submitted proposals if none are found to be suitable. The school will be named via a different method in this case.