Workplace Democracy the Subject of Last Night‘s Meeting of Efling‘s Board of Trustees

Steinunn Böðvarsdóttir from VR‘s economics department discussed democracy in the workplace during Efling‘s crowded Board of Trustees meeting yesterday, held via teleconference. VR recently commissioned a summary regarding the structure of democracy in the workplace in European countries. The summary stated that the form workplace democracy takes in our neighboring countries is much more broad than in Iceland. It includes ther right of employees to elect representatives to company boards, among other things. In the majority of EEA countries, employees have some involvement in managing the company and/or institution this way. There was extensive discussion during the meeting about possible ways to institute workplace democracy at Efling members workplaces in the Icelandic labor market.Additionally, a new bill from the Minister of Social Affairs and Children on the Remuneration Act was discussed, participants agreed that the bill would not satisfy the needs of workers and low wage earners.The participants expressed disapointment with the bill, especially with the lack of compensation or fines, which Efling has pushed for in order to ensure consequences for wage theft in the Icelandic labor market. The meeting participants agreed that they were not in favor and the fight will continue until full victory on this important issue regarding the rights of workers and low wage earners was achieved.Efling comments on the governments bill