Delegate Council and General Members’ Meeting 

Efling Union invites members to a joint Delegate Council and General Members’ Meeting at 19:30 on 11th March 2021. The meeting will be on Zoom.According to the bylaws of Efling general members’ meetings shall be held regularly throughout the year and this meeting, as mentioned before, will be connected with a meeting of the Delegate Council.Agenda 

  1. The government’s green paper
  2. New homepage of Efling – presentation
  3. Other issues

First on the meeting’ agenda is a presentation about little-known project of the Icelandic government. This project is the Green Paper for the Labour Market, which constitutes a renewed attempt at implementing the so-called SALEK agreement. To summarise, the ideas behind the project are meant to reduce the negotiating power of the unions, limit the possibility to strike and put the wage setting in the hands of specialist committees. A lot of pressure has been put on the union movement behind the scenes to convince us to take part in this governmental project. It is necessary to inform the members of Efling about the background and context regarding this and explain the debate that took place within ASÍ regarding the participation in the Green Paper and open discussions so that the members can express their thoughts on this topic. Recently, at the meetings of the Delegate Council we have been talking in discussion groups led by volunteers from amongst the union members. This arrangement has proven to work well, and we have had many substantive debates. We will continue using this approach at this meeting. At the end of the meeting we will shortly present the new Efling website. The new website features significant improvements to available information and the interface. We have gathered a lot of great experience with holding bigger union meetings online, but we realise that this arrangement may be challenging to many of our members. We ask the members to register for the meeting in advance by clicking on the link below. This way prior to the meeting you will receive a Zoom link.We encourage members of Efling to attend this important meeting about our common interests. Efling members are asked to register online here. In case of questions, or in case you need help please contact Organising Division at 510-7500 or via e-mail at