Efling adds a significant improvement in service by introducing My Pages

Efling Union opens a new online service system, My pages, which greatly improves access to union’s services. Through the use of My pages members will be able to apply for the most common grants from the union funds entirely online. A lot of work was invested into creating a user-friendly experience, for computer and phone users alike, and the service will be available in both Icelandic and English from the start.On My Pages users will be able to check how much right they have to the most common grants, but they will be also able to see the summary of their contributions to the union and update necessary personal information in a simple way. To sign in, users will need an electronic id.The grants for which applications will be first open on My Pages are grants for physical fitness, glasses and contact lenses, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, psychological therapy and the grant for preventative care (new grant, replacing few old grants).This is the first phase of a larger implementation plan, which will be broadened step by step to enable electronic applications for all the grants of the union and to manage other communications with the union. The development of My Pages will continue over next months and years.Ingibjörg Ólafsdóttir, operations manager at Efling, overviewed the development of this project. „I am very proud of this large project, that went completely according to the plan“ says Ingibjörg. „I will simplify our members’ access to valuable services.“ The development of this project required cooperation of various departments of the union and many employees and managers have participated in the process.Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, the chairman of Efling mentions her satisfaction with this important milestone. „Creating an accessible online grant system for our members was one of my and the B-list‘s focus points when we won the board elections in 2018. Along with the board of Efling, we monitored the progress of the work on My Pages and we supported it on each step. The result looks great already and is very promising for future“ says the chairman.My pages