The situation of pension recipients discussed on the next Council of Delegates meeting

On the next meeting of Efling Council of Delegates April 8th Stefán Ólafsson presents his report about the situation of pension recipients. The report, which will be published soon, discusses the interplay of social security and pensions and how they determine elderly and disabled pensioners’ payouts. Stefán will compare the Icelandic and other Nordic pension systems and explain how the system’s cuts end up hitting low-paid groups, women, disabled people and immigrants the hardest. He will also speak about the tax burden of pension recipients, which has increased a lot in the last decades, especially for the low-wage pensioners. Finally, he will discuss possible reforms. The presentation will be streamed live on the Efling Facebook page.In consultation with the board of Efling, it has been decided to invite Efling members above 55 years of age to the meeting, along with other special guests.Agenda:

  1. “World Record in Cuts” – Stefán Ólafsson speaks about pension payouts in Iceland
  2. Other matters

Council members and guests are asked to register online here. If there are questions or if you need assistance in registering, get in touch with Organizing Division via tel. 510-7500 or council will meet on Thursday, April 8, at 7:30pm via the teleconferencing app Zoom.