Winner of Efling’s photo competition

Efling held a photography contest among its members last spring in which the photos were meant to represent vacations in this country. The contest was well attended this year and many fantastic photos were submitted. The selection committee has reached a conclusion and the winner is Katarzyna Wieczorek for the photo entitled Foss í linsukúlu – Waterfall in a lensball. Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, chairman of Efling handed prize of 25.000 kr. to Katarzyna today, but the selection committee comprised Efling chairman Sólveig Anna, Þórunn Hafstað and Rakel Pálsdóttir, Efling´s employees.

The selection committee’s decision is explained as follows:

The photo Foss í linsukúlu – Waterfall in a lensball is a landscape photograph which was snapped on a sunny summer day by a waterfall in Iceland. The photo’s subject is seen through a so-called lensball, which the photographer has carefully placed in the foreground of the photo. Peering into the ball, one can see children about to jump into the river. Unlike the disease prevention bubble inside which we’ve been forced to stay in the past months, the viewer wants nothing more than to disappear into that lens ball; into that world where the sun shines, existence is turned upside down, and gravity itself is defied. A beautiful photo which reflects all the best elements of a good summer vacation.

The winning photo of Efling´s photo competition, Waterfall in a lensballFoss í linsukúlu