Efling calls for nominations for the board of Efling

The Efling selection committee has decided to ask for nominations to run for the Efling board on the A list. This is the first time in the union’s history that an open process is used to seek nominees.

In this way, the democratic right of members to participate in Efling work is strengthened, and this also improves the access of interested members, who have not had the chance to be active in the work of Efling, to have influence in the union’s work.

All full members can nominate themselves or another full member. The selection committee evaluates the nominees and will work to ensure representation in terms of origin, gender, sector, age and other factors.

Those interested can send nominations to efling@efling.is or to the Efling office.

Deadline for nominations is Monday January 3rd 2022.

The nomination should include the following:

Name, kennitala, workplace, email and phone, along with a short text on the reasons for the nomination.