Shift workers’ rights during Christmas in the private sector

‘Tis the season, and it is important to guard workers’ rights, especially those of shift workers who work at hotels and restaurants. The most common problems during the holidays are that workers don’t get paid according to their job ratio, or that their shift plans are changed in the wrong way.

Shift workers who work according to the collective agreement of Efling and hotels and restaurants should keep this in mind this Christmas:

  • Shifts should reflect your job ratio.
  • Shifts may not be changed, or withdrawn, if it reduces your job ratio with lower wages.
  • Companies that close during Christmas must announce this to staff with at least one month’s notice. It is preferable that this decision is already clear by April 1. If it isn’t, staff who have already used their vacation may have a right to wages during the period of closure.
  • Shift workers should get a premium for work on red days and major holidays. During Christmas, the premiums are:
    • December 24 from noon – 90%
    • Christmas Day – 90%
    • December 26 – 45%
    • New Year’s Eve from noon – 90%

Shift workers have a right to 12 winter vacation days for work on red days that fall on weekdays.

Efling members can get in touch with Efling via, tel. 510-7500, or by visiting the office in Guðrúnartún 1, for clarification and assistance.