Wage Agreement Reached with NPA Miðstöðin

Efling Trade Union completed a wage agreement with NPA Miðstöðin regarding the work of assistants specilaizing in user directed personal assistance. A vote on this agreement will be held in January for Efling members who are employed by NPA Miðstöðin.

The main points of the new agreement include:

Effective 1 January 2022

  • A wage increase of 25,000ISK
  • Increased differential pay for those who perform managment tasks

Effective 1 May 2022

  • Workweek shortened by 4 hours to a total of 36 hours
  • The night shift work proportion will be 65% on weekdays and 75% on weekends
  • Travel arrangments clarified
  • A draft shift plan must be submitted 4 weeks in advance

This agreement will be presented to Efling members employed by NPA Miðstöðin in January.

A special wage agreement was also made for 24 hour shifts applicable for workers at the NPA Center. This agreement clarifies the rules regarding 24 hour shifts and helps assistants ensure 8 consecutive hours of rest with a maximum of 15 minutes break in the rest period.

These agreements will be valid from 1 Jan 2022 until 1 November 2022.