Results of a workplace analysis

In November 2021, the board of Efling asked the psychological and consulting office Líf og sál to do a workplace analysis of the union’s office. The aim was to get an independent survey, made by professionals, with the aim of improving the working conditions in the office.

A general survey of the internal environment in the office was done, looking at wellbeing, morale, stress, workload and management. Forty-eight workers were interviewed and asked questions about psychosocial risk factors. The interviews took place in November, December, and at the start of January. The conclusions were presented at a staff meeting on February 3.

Four psychologists made the report on behalf of Líf og sál. In their conclusions, they assess the office staff as being highly motivated for their work and feel they’re doing something useful and important. Their ambition and care for the workplace are upmost. However, anxiety, insecurity and hurt feelings after the events of last year are not far off. Managerial methods have led to anxiety and hurt amongst a majority of the office’s staff.

It is the opinion of the Líf og sál analysts that it is very important for staff to be able to build security and trust vis-à-vis managers and colleagues.

According to the director of Efling, Linda Dröfn Gunnarsdóttir, the work already begun, e.g. by introduction of processes, better flow of information and team work, will carry on. She further says that it’s a relief for the office for the analysis to have been presented. The office has valuable human resources, working sincerely, making it important to use all tools available to improve working conditions. The analysis stated that people in the office are happy about the developments and improvements recently, and that it’s important to look ahead. It is important to learn from the experience of last year, and the last few years, and develop constructive means to resolve conflict. Much work lies ahead, and it is important for it to be under professional and clear leadership.