Are you a talented independent translator or interpreter?

The office of Efling Union wishes to add to its pool of independent translators and interpreters working with English, Icelandic, and Polish who can take on tasks with short notice.


The union searches for capable and quick translators to translate written materials from the union from Icelandic to English and Polish (Polish can be translated from English). The translations often require specialized vocabulary related to the labor market, the union movement, and collective contracts. The union provides access to word lists.

The materials are mostly for the union’s webpage. Completing tasks quickly is a great asset, due to pressure to publish materials when the original text is ready. Larger text collections, which can be planned a few weeks ahead of time, are also up for negotiation.


The union has in recent years successfully used text interpretation in membership meetings. The interpreter then types text with the translation of what goes on in the meeting in real time, which appears on a screen. Required software is set up on a computer which the interpreter is given access to. This method of interpretation is different from spoken or whisper translation and requires special training or experience. The union can assist with training. Only English and Icelandic interpretation is required, which can go both ways in one and the same meeting. Meetings are organized so that the interpreter gets minimum breaks. Confidentiality is required.

Interested translators and interpreters are invited to contact the union by email to with information about experience, credentials, and pricing.