Call for Nominations to the Negotiations Committee 

Efling union calls for nominations to the negotiations committee for the upcoming round of collective bargaining. The collective agreement in the private sector with SA (The Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise) will end November 1st and with the public sector negotiation parties on March 31st next year.  

Members of all sectors can nominate themselves to be on the committee, which will at first lead the collective bargaining with SA. 80 union members will be appointed to the committee, including the board of Efling. The delegate council elects the negotiations committee after it has received the nominations and a proposal of its appointment.  

According to the laws of Efling (Art. 18) the role of the negotiations committee is to represent the union during the bargaining for the collective agreement. The negotiations committee has among other things the authority to put forth the demands of the union, to plan for the organization of the negotiations, to make proposals for contracts, participate in contract negotiations and to end them, request the intervention of a mediator on bargaining attempts and to sign collective agreements.  

Being a member of the negotiations committee is a challenging and demanding responsibility. Attendance to meetings during office hours is required, but meetings can also take place at other times. We recommend that those who nominate themselves have previously attended courses with Efling, have been on the delegate council, have been union representatives or have some other experience or knowledge about wages and employment terms and the social work in the labour movement.  

The call for nominations will be open until the meeting of the delegate council on October 20th where the appointments of the negotiations committee will be completed.