Efling negotiations committee proposes 57-65,000kr raises to SA

The Efling negotiations committee has made an offer to the employers’ association, SA, on the renewal of collective agreements. The offer was unanimously agreed at a well-attended meeting of the committee yesterday. The offer is attached below.

The offer includes the dropping of the supplemental raise due to GDP growth as of April 2023, but includes other increases in its place.

Basic rates in the offer would rise by 57,500 to 65,558kr, including a flat 15,000kr/month cost of living supplement. Gaps within the wage table are also adjusted.

The main premises of the offer are for the lowest basic salaries to rise sufficiently to claw back the erosion in purchasing power since April 2022, and to ensure that basic salaries maintain their purchasing power throughout the contract. The offer is also seen as a real continuation of the 2019 collective agreement, meaning that basic salaries and the lowest wages don’t rise significantly less than the higher wages. The contract also aims at keeping labour’s share of the GDP growth and companies’ profits.

The offer is also based on the principle that high housing costs in the capital area should be taken into account. Rent, for instance, is 45% higher in the capital area than elsewhere. The makeup of the Efling membership is also considered, since the average working age at one company, and the sectoral division of Efling members, is different from unions in the countryside.

In this offer, the Efling negotiations committee departs from its earlier offer and demands, and approaches the position of the employers’ association. The offer is made in the hope that an agreement can be reached rapidly, so that a new contract may be signed before Christmas.

The offer will be presented in more detail at a negotiations meeting chaired by the state mediator at 9am on December 22. The offer stands until the end of that day.

A PDF containing the offer.

A PDF containing the proposed wage table.

The Efling negotiations committee