Ballot on Strike Call – Samskip, Olíudreifing and Skeljungur

The election committee of Efling – Union hereby advertises a general secret electronic ballot on the calling of a strike in the companies Samskip, Olíudreifing and Skelfjungur.

Those workers who are affected by the call are eligible to vote.

The proposed strike will be indefinite and begin at 12 o´clock noon on February 15 2023. The strike will involve all truck driving jobs covered by the collective agreement of Efling with SA at Samskip hf./ Samskip innanlands ehf. and oil distribution jobs at the companies Olíudreifing ehf. og Skeljungur ehf. as is explained in further detail in the strike call approved by the negotiations committee.

The ballot begins 12 o´clock noon on Friday February 3 2023.

The ballot ends at 6 pm on Tuesday February 7 2023.

The strike call was approved in the meeting of the negotiations committee of Efling on January 30 2023. Its full text is available here.

The strike call is accompanied by the following appendix about exemption committees: “The negotiations committee of Efling shall establish exemption committees that are to accept exemption requests from the above mentioned strikes. In cases where public safety demands exemption from the strike according to the committees they shall give such exemptions, if they have received an exemption request where the importance of the exemption for public safety is explained in a clear and convincing manner. Those who work in law enforcement, fire departments, health services and other operations that have to do with public safety are to be informed about the activity of the exemption committees and should be shown how to apply for exemptions.”

A link to access the electronic ballot is to be found here above (active from 12 o´clock noon on February 3 2023). All Efling members on the electoral register who have registered their email with the union will also get the link sent via email. To vote an electronic ID is needed.

Efling members who are not on the electoral register but think they should have the right to vote shall send a letter to the election committee and ask to be added to the electoral register. The request should include a payslip or an employment contract. The request and its accompanying documents will be treated with confidentiality and it shall be sent to the email address

Efling members who are not able to participate in the electronic ballot can cast their ballot in absentia with a paper ballot in the Efling office during its opening hours. Those who wish to do this need to bring a valid ID, such as a drivers license, passport or an ID issued by Registers Iceland (Þjóðskrá).

January 31 2023