Efling Considers the Proposal of the State Mediator to be Meaningless and Demands Information

Yesterday, January 26, Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir wrote a reply on behalf of Efling to the State Mediator regarding the so-called mediation proposal and the request of the State Mediator´s office about the execution of a referendum.

The reply contains among other things the following: “Efling – union considers the State Mediator not to have fulfilled the requirements of the law nr. 80/1938, about unions and labour market disputes, and that the mediation proposal therefore cannot be regarded a legitimate mediation proposal in the eyes of the law. The same applies to the proposed execution and arrangement of the referendum. Efling – union thus thinks it necessary that courts should decide on the legitimacy of the actions of the State Mediator.”

In addition, it says: “Finally, Efling – union demands to get all available information about communication that the State Mediator, and the staff of his office, have had with the disputing parties and others regarding consultation in relation to the preparation and decision making about the mediation proposal. Among other things a request has been made to get all available information on communication with these parties in meetings, with telephone, text messages, email, letters or with other means, cf. art. 27 of information law nr. 140/2012.”

The letter dated January 26 in full.

After receiving a response from the State Mediator Sólveig Anna wrote another letter this morning, January 27. In the letter the unchanged stance of the union is reiterated, and the request of the State Mediator’s office is said to be illegitimate and meaningless. In the end of the letter she wrote:

“On occasion of the conclusion of the State Mediator´s letter from yesterday afternoon, it is right to state that the right of Efling members is first and foremost that its negotiations committee with a democratic mandate be allowed to bargain for their wages and employment terms. The objective of the illegitimate actions of the State Mediator is to deprive Efling – union and its members of this fundamental right.”

The letter dated January 27 in full.

Yesterday the board of Efling declared no confidence in the State Mediator. The union rejects the legitimacy of the so-called mediation proposal with a declaration this morning and condemns the methods of the State Mediator.

In addition, ASÍ issued a declaration yesterday where they say that the confidence in the office of the State Mediator is damaged and cast doubt on whether the State Mediator acted within the powers of his office when he presented his mediation proposal.