Efling demands that Aðalsteinn Leifsson resign due to incompetence

This morning Efling – union sent a request to the State Mediator´s office that Aðalsteinn Leifsson resign from the wage dispute with Samtök atvinnulífsins (SA) due to incompetence. The union requires that his deputy be appointed to handle the case henceforth.

In Efling´s report the State Mediator´s handling of the case is traced. Arguments are made that with his actions he has given undeniable reason to question his impartiality.

The State Mediator submitted his mediation proposal without fulfilling the legal requirements to consult with Efling. The proposal is substantially identical to SA´s offer and did by no means meet Efling´s point of view. These reasons and more are discussed in Efling´s presentation here below.

All general unions of workers in Iceland have publicly criticized the State Mediator´s mediation proposal.

The presentation (PDF file)