Further strikes not called – current strikes to continue

The Efling negotiations committee decided in its meeting last night Feb. 22 to not call the strikes that were approved in the recent election (hotels, security, and cleaning). Members in these workplaces will therefore not go strike at this time.

With the use of lockout, the federation of employers (SA) has taken the dispute with Efling to the extreme limits of escalation, far beyond the limited strike actions of Efling members. In light of this, it is necessary to re-evaluate the direction. The negotiations committe does not think it is right at this time to engage in further escalation of strike actions.

The negotiations committee of Efling sends solidarity salutations to striking workers. The committee also compliments the Efling members who have participated in strike votes in the last weeks and shown great courage.

Other strike actions that are already begun will continue unchanged. Members at Íslandshótel, Berjaya Hotels, Reykjavík Edition, Samskip, Skeljungur and Olíudreifing will therefore continue on strike.