Survey on Lockout in Workplaces

Efling – union asks members to inform the union about how their employer intends to follow through with the lockout, if they will participate in the lockout or not, and will workers be left without salary during the lockout.

Answers can be submitted through the form below. It is optional to include the email address with the answer. If the email is not included the answer is anonymous and not identifiable. Even if you don’t know the answer to the questions, it is still valuable to receive your response. Please send your response even it is “Don’t know.”

Efling thanks members in advance for giving the union this valuable information.

Is your employer going to lock you out? :: Ætlar atvinnurekandi þinn að setja þig í verkbann?
Will your employer participate in the lockout on Thursday March 2? :: Mun þinn atvinnurekandi taka þátt í verkbanni á fimmtudaginn 2. mars? :: Czy twój pracodawca weźmie udział w lokaucie w czwartek 2 marca?
If yes, will workers be left without salary during the lockout? :: Ef já, verður starfsfólk skilið eftir launalaust í verkbanni? :: Jeśli tak, to czy pracownicy pozostaną bez wynagrodzenia podczas lokautu?
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