Efling joins Tótal

Efling has signed an agreement regarding the operation of the membership system Tótal together with AFL union, Aldan, Stéttarfélag Vesturland and Hlíf union. Efling, Aldan, Stéttafélag Vesturlands and Hlíf have also bought shares in Félagakerfi Tótal ehf., the operating entity responsible for the membership system Tótal, Félagakerfi Tótal ehf. was previously solely owned by AFL.

The membership system Tótal is a membership system designed by AFL union for unions. The development of Tótal began in 2011 when AFL union had a summerhouse system (icel. ‚orlofshúsakerfi‘) made for them. In 2016, the AFL started using the membership system parts that, among other things, receives pay statements from employer, manages grants and sickness benefits. Tótal has been in constant development since the introduction of the membership system.

This constant development, based on the needs of trade unions, has built a powerful system that include: a voting system, a group and messaging system, an online store, a house rental system and access control system for vacation apartments, premiums system and a grants and daily allowance system in addition to many other features. In addition, it is possible to process a number of reports from the system. Tótal connects to Navision / BC accounting system with a web solution, and with that integration, the collection of premiums and the processing of grants and daily allowances will be automated.

The system has a my pages solution for union members, which is already available in seven languages, and work is underway to translate my pages to more languages. My Pages is a powerful self-service solution for union members and meets the needs of Efling‘s union members exceptionally well.

An implementation plan for Efling is being worked on and implementation will be completed during the year. Efling welcomes this development and looks forward to cooperation with other trade unions in the continued development of Tótal’s membership system.