Increase of Special Bonus and Wage Categories at Samskip

SA (Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise) on behalf of Samskip has agreed on a 28% increase of the so-called “ábati”, which is a special bonus payment on top of every worked hour, in a workplace agreement between Efling and Samskip for dock workers and drivers.

One of the main demands of dock workers and drivers at Samskip in the collective bargaining of Efling and SA was an increase of this bonus payment, which has shrunk considerably for years compared to the general progress of salaries.

According to this the special bonus will be increased by 28% from the former amount and will become 225 kr. per hour.

In addition, the wage category of drivers at Samskip with a certificate for driving with dangerous materials (ADR) will be raised by one, from wage category 13 to 14.

These changes are presented with a disclaimer regarding whether the mediation proposal of the state mediator from today will be approved.