The mediation proposal and wage table of the Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise (SA)

For salary calculations, here is the wage table of the Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise (SA) from November 2022.

Here you can see the updated wage rate for all wage categories and on pages 3 – 6 you can find wage rates for calculations for employees in the following jobs:

Cleaning jobs, construction workers, equipment operators, bus drivers, industrial workers, oil station staff, anti-rust stations, petrol stations, Samskip harbour workers, Eimskip harbour workers, Securitas security guards, fish processing workers, aquaculture jobs, cafeteria workers, oil station workers, hotel- and restaurant workers and care workers.

All the main information about changes in salary can be found in the mediation proposal below. The monthly salary of those who do not receive a salary according to the minimum purchase rates of the collective agreement will increase by 33,000 ISK from November 1, 2022. We point out that for salary calculations, the part number for hotels and restaurants is 172, but for all other job titles that follow the Collective agreement of SA and Efling, the part number is 173.33.

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