Negotiations committee signs agreement with Reykjavík city

The Efling negotiations committee tonight agreed to a renewal of the collective agreement with Reykjavík city. The contract includes a new wage table which ensures just under 9% raises to basic salaries of Efling members.

The contract is valid for 12 months and expires on March 31, 2024.

To give examples of the increase in monthly basic salaries common job titles get; “leiðbeinandi 1” with 1 year’s experience gets 39,084kr; an outdoors worker with 7 years’ experience gets 38,653kr; a home care assistant with 5 years’ experience gets 41,198kr; a kindergarten department head (“deildarstjóri”) with 9 years’ experience gets 47,401kr.

The special bonus on lower wages also rises. This is on the one hand a special increase on the lowest wages, based on job evaluation points (starfsmat), and on the other hand a fixed payment to kindergarten and home care workers.

A discussion plan for further talks during the contract’s term on several non-wage contract items was also included in the agreement.

The contract will be explained in detail and voted on by members right after the weekend, and the results of the voting will be presented no later than April 14.

The final spurt of negotiations took place in the Efling community centre. The previous contract expired yesterday, March 31, and negotiations were never referred to the state mediator.

“The conclusion of this agreement is, in the view of our negotiations committee, acceptable. The city was willing to negotiate and was solution-oriented, so a real discussion got going. I am especially satisfied with the maintenance of special payments, which were the biggest gain of Efling members in the 2020 contract. I urge members to view presentations of the contract and vote on it,” Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, chair of Efling, said.

The contract is available here in a PDF.

Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, Efling chair, and Rakel Guðmundsdóttir, head of the Reykjavík city negotiations committee, sign the contract along with their negotiations committees.