Vote on SGS membership will go forward

A membership meeting of Efling union agreed last night, April 24, to hold a general vote on the union’s membership of the Federation of General and Special workers in Iceland (Starfsgreinasamband Íslands – SGS). The meeting was well attendeded and the decision was agreed unanimously.

The resolution of the meeting was the following:

“A membership meeting of Efling, held on April 24 2023, agrees to call for a general vote among Efling members about Efling’s departure from SGS. The board of Efling is mandated by the meeting to decide on the practicalities of the general vote in accordance with the ASÍ regulation on general votes.”

Efling pays more than 50 million ISK to SGS but receives little to no services from there.

Information about the timing and practicalities of the vote will be advertised
to members as soon as they are available.