Do you want to join in the fight?

The collective contracts of Efling are up for renewal next year. This is the most important opportunity for members to campaign for better conditions. Do you want to participate in the fight?

The Efling way of collective bargaining is to work openly in large groups of members. The best way to improve your conditions is to be part. Active and direct participation of many Efling members guarantees transparency, democracy, and good practice.

All Efling members can nominate themselves for the negotiations committee, which is done through the form below. All who nominate themselves are invited to an introductory meeting on Tuesday June 20 at 6 pm in the Efling Community Center, 4th floor of Guðrúnartún 1. Articles on the negotiations committee in the bylaws of Efling and in the laws on labour disputes no 38 from 1938.

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