Winning photos of Efling’s photo competition 2023

Efling union held a photo competition this summer among members of the union. The pictures were supposed to reflect holidays in Iceland. The participation was good in this year’s competition and the jury was able to choose from many excellent pictures. The jury consisted of Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, Magdalena Kwiatkowska and Ragnheiður Hera Gísladóttir. The jury reaches the following conclusions about the first and second place of the competition.

First place goes to Piotr Miazga for his picture of a family on a picnic.
Piotr wins a 50.000 ISK gift card.

The jury’s review says: The picture shows a family sitting on a small patch of grass eating lunch. Around the patch of grass is Icelandic lava as far as the eye can see. There you can see an amazing contrast between the warmth of the family moment on the embracing green spot and the magnificent but cold landscape. The picture puts the spotlight on the unique landscape while warming the viewer’s heart with a reminder that unity is what matters the most.

Second place goes to Sigrún Erna Óladóttir for her picture of laundry drying outside by a cottage in the country. Sigrún Erna wins a 25.000 ISK gift card.

The jury’s review says: The picture shows a moment where the sun’s rays warm the earth and bring out the bright colours of the nature. At the same time, the clouds can be seen waiting anxiously above for their time to water the earth. The picture is both warm and full of tension between the natural elements. This beautiful picture is a reminder of how each moment is fleeting and the importance of enjoying each one while it lasts.

Efling thanks our members for their good participation and congratulates the winners. Many splendid pictures were sent into the competition so in addition the jury has decided to post some of the best, although they did not receive a prize. They are the following:

Anton Gabriel: “The eye of Sauron”:

Piotr Miazga: Three sheep in Icelandic nature:

Jared Almacen: Heart in the ice: