Starfsafl changes rules for foreign online studies

Starfsafl, the educational fund, which supports union members who work for private companies has changed its rules regarding foreign online studies. Starfsafl no longer supports foreign online studies. The Board of Starfsafl made the decision, and it wil take effect immediately.

Starfsafl’s statement:

Starfsafl has decided to review the paying of grants to individuals in regard to foreign online studies.

Starfsafl will not sponsor education courses that take place on foreign websites, with the exception of higher education from accredited universities. This decision takes effect immediately. Starfafl will thoroughly examine grants for foreign online studies in the coming months and will re-evaluate its decision when that review is completed.

Members of the trade unions that are part of Starfsafl (Efling, Hlíf and VSFK) can therefore not apply for grants for online learning courses that are on foreign websites, unless it is an accredited university course. All such grant applications will be rejected.

Online courses from Icelandic websites will continue to be supported, as long as the courses fulfil Starfsafl’s conditions.