An appeal to credit institutions

The population of Grindavík are now dealing with one of the biggest natural disasters that have occurred in a populated area in Iceland in half a century. Four thousand people have had to leave their homes and now live with great uncertainty about their future and financial status. There has been enormous damage to the towns buildings and it is uncertain if or when the population will be able to return to Grindavík.

The undersigned workers’ organizations hereby call on credit institutions to give the people of Grindavík a full payment break for the next three months due to the disaster that has befallen them. That appeal also means that credit institutions will waive interest and price increases during the period.

It is important that the people of Grindavík get financial leeway to deal with the shock they have suffered and the new reality they face.

  • Efling-union
  • Food and Catering Association of Iceland (MATVÍS)
  • Electrical Industry Association of Iceland
  • Grindavík’s Seamen’s and Engineers’ Association
  • Grindavík trade union
  • The trade union Hlíf
  • VM – Society of Machinists and Metal Technicians
  • VR union