The board of Efling encourages all to a solidarity march with Palestine on Sunday

The board of Efling union encourages everyone to attend a solidarity march with the Palestinian people on Sunday, December 10, on International Human Rights Day. The association Iceland – Palestine (Félagið Ísland – Palestína) organizes the march, which starts at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Rauðarárstíg at 13:00. We will walk down Laugaveg and gather at an outdoor meeting at Austurvellur.

Here below is the resolution of the board of Efling Union from 9.11.2023 where the board condemns Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the people of Palestine.

The board of Efling condemns the Israeli state’s ethnic cleansing in Gaza

Iceland cannot look on passively while the Israeli state engages in ethnic cleansing in Palestine. The horrible murders now being committed against citizens, children, women, and men are a crime against humanity. The Israeli military has no boundaries: Hospitals, schools, and refugee camps are blown up. Doctors, journalists, and staff of international NGOs are murdered in the hundreds. We all carry a responsibility to such acts of cruelty and violations of international law. We all carry a responsibility to stop the crimes against humanity now being committed against innocent people in Gaza.

The board of Efling condemns the Israeli goverment’s ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people. The board of Efling demands that the Icelandic government speak clearly in support of a ceasefire in Gaza. The board of Efling demands full human rights and equality before the law for people of all origins in Palestine and Israel, an end to the illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and recognition of the right of refugees to return to their homes.

The board of Efling has agreed to support the Association Iceland-Palestine with a grant of 500.000 kr. The board calls on the boards of other unions to do the same.