Faster processing and shorter case handling time at the Labor Rights Division

Efling union is constantly working to improve work processes in order to further improve the service for union members. Efling’s staff has been working to improve the efficiency and automation of cases and assignments at the Labor Rights Division, which has resulted in faster processing and shorter case handling time. Members who come to Efling’s office with their errands are assisted as soon as possible. Inquiries via phone are answered the same day. E-mails are now answered within 24 hours, but more complex cases take about a week to answer. Cases that go to Efling’s lawyers and end up in court take about 6-12 months to complete or get a verdict in the case.

The processing time of cases that come to the Labor Rights Division has accelerated considerably over the past year. Since July of last year, there has been a big change in the ratio of cases that are received to the department compared to those that are completed and sent out. Until June 2023, the number of incoming cases exceeded the outgoing number. The processing of cases has therefore become much faster and more efficient.

The new member system and My Pages that Efling introduced at the beginning of January this year is designed to make the process even faster and more efficient, so members can expect the service to be even better this year.

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The bar chart above shows the processing time in the first part of the year 2023. Until June, there were more cases received to the Labor Rights Division (the red columns) than cases that were completed and sent out (the blue columns). There was a significant change in July, where the number of cases sent out (the blue bars) were considerably higher than the cases received (the red bars).