A call for nominations in negotiation committees regarding the public sector

The good results that the Efling union has achieved in collective agreements are based on the participation of members. The union has benefited from the fact that large groups of strong and courageous people have volunteered to sit on the negotiation committees and in other work of the company. For that the Union is thankful.

Now it’s time again to start negotiations on the public sector, but current collective agreements expire at the end of this month. Therefore, Efling is calling for an introductory meeting next Monday for the public labor market negotiation committees. At the same time, members who work in a field where contracts will be negotiated are invited to nominate themselves for a seat in the negotiation committees. Members can do so by filling out a nomination form found here.

These are negotiation committees for the collective bargaining agreements for those members of Efling who work for Reykjavík and who work for Kópvogsbær, Seltjarnarnesbær, Mosfellsbær, Hveragerðisbær, and Ölfus, but the Icelandic Association of Local Authorities (SÍS) is the negotiator on behalf of these municipalities. There are also negotiating committees for negotiations with the state, where among others Efling members working at Landsspítali fall under. A negotiation committee must also be appointed for negotiations with the Association of Welfare Services Companies, whose umbrella includes jobs in nursing homes and the like. Finally, it is a negotiation committee for negotiations with SSSK, the Association of Independent Schools.

Success in improving one’s conditions will be best ensured by participating in the work of the Efling union, and not least by working in negotiation committees. Collective bargaining is the most important way to achieve better conditions for workers. Efling emphasizes the participation of the masses, by that democracy is best served and also we can have an enormous impact by our strength in numbers. Therefore, everyone who wants to participate is encouraged to register.

The meeting will take place in Efling’s Community Center (Félagsheimili Eflingar), 4th floor in Guðrúnartún 1, on Monday, March 25, and starts at 18:00. The doors open at 17:30 and refreshments and drinks will be offered. Text interpretation on screen between English and Icelandic.