Extensive operations due to suspected human trafficking

Efling and Fagfélögin have conducted workplace inspections that have been a full part of the operations of the authorities regarding eight companies owned by Davíð Viðarsson. It has been reported on Tuesday, March 5th, the central investigation department of the police conducted extensive operations regarding eight companies owned by Davíð.

Eight were arrested during the operation, but it is suspected that there are several dozen victims of human trafficking involved. Some of them are members of MATVÍS and Efling. The police have reported today that six people have been detained for a week due to investigative interests in the case.

The workplace inspections, conducted by Efling and Fagfélögin, were part of the police operations yesterday and have been involved from early stages of the investigation. Their work has focused on protecting the interests of these members and ensuring that their collective bargaining rights are respected. They will follow the case to the end.