Efling in solidarity with colleagues in the Faroe Islands

Members of the Klaksvík women’s labor union on strikebreaking surveillance last Wednesday. [File: Klaksvík arbeiðskvinnufelag Facebook-page]

At its meeting yesterday, the board of Efling Union approved a statement of solidarity in support of its colleagues in the Faroe Islands who have been on strike since May 11. There has yet to be progress in collective bargaining negotiations in the Faroe Islands, and no meetings have occurred since the strikes began. Today, the statement was sent to the Føroya labor union, the Havnar labor union, the Klaksvík women’s labor union, and the Klaksvík labor union.

The board of Efling Union declares its support for the unions in the Faroe Islands that are currently on strike. The board calls on the local employers to meet the demands of those on work stoppage immediately.