Great performance by Efling’s Labor Rights Division

Last year, Efling’s labor rights experts resolved 457 cases initiated after Efling members sought the union´s assistance. Over a third of the cases were due to bankrupt companies, while two-thirds were due to other claims. In most cases, it was about wage claims.

Most of the cases, a third, were related to the hotel or restaurant sector. There were 152 cases, of which 43 were due to bankruptcy, while 109 were based on other claims. Efling members working in the construction industry contacted the Labor Rights Division in 74 cases last year. Of those cases, 22 were due to corporate bankruptcies, while 52 cases were due to other factors. In 24 cases, the Labor Rights Division assisted its members who worked in cleaning. Cases related to other industries were fewer.

Further decomposing of which Efling members used the services of the Labor Rights Division last year shows that men sought the division’s help to a greater extent than women. Men were behind 60 percent of the cases, as women were 40 percent. The majority of Efling members who received assistance from the Labor Rights Division held foreign citizenship