Information for tenants of summer houses

Are you going to a summer house? You need to know this:

The vacation houses of Efling are owned in common by our members.

Tidiness is in all our best interest!

• Remember to present your rental agreement as you arrive at the vacation house. It is important to go over the rules and terms on the rental agreement. It is available online on the booking web under booking history (bókunarsaga).

• On the rental agreement you can find all necessary information and terms that are important to read before entering a summer house. There you can find information where to get keys, number of the keybox and safety gate, where applicable, time of arrival and departure, supervisor´s phonenumber and number of beds. Please respect the stated number of accommodation units in each house.

• All the vacation houses of Efling contain cleaning supplies, dishwashing liquid and brushes, floor-soap and toilet- -cleaner. They also contain mops for the floors, as well as brooms and a vacuum-cleaner.

• It is important to tidy up and clean the vacation house at the time of departure. Should the caretaker find that the house has not been cleaned sufficiently, a cleaning fee will be collected. The renter is responsible for the house and is supposed to clean it well.

At the time of departure:

– clean the house, the grill and the hot tub.
– check the windows and doors thoroughly to make sure
that everything has been closed and locked.
– return the key to the caretaker or in the key-box.
– don’t switch off the house’s radiators at the time of departure.

It is necessary to bring one’s own sheets, cases for the pillows and covers, towels, dish-rags, table-rags, hand-soap and toilet paper.

• The vacation houses and apartments of Efling have similar equipment, meant for 5 to 10 people depending on the size. All the kitchenware is in place; refrigerator, stove and microwave oven. Covers, pillows, high chair and crib, shower, television, radio and barbecue with gas.

• It is strictly forbidden to hand one’s rental agreement over to another and animals are not allowed in the vacation houses of Efling unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement. Any violation of these rules may result in the union member in question being barred from further allocations in the future.

• The vacation houses are our common property, so let’s treat them with care and pride. If the previous tenants left the place in a substandard state, please notify the caretaker as soon as you arrive, before anything is done about it. If the house is insufficiently clean, it may result in a cleaning at the previous tenant’s expense.

Respect other peoples privacy in the area. All unnecessary traffic and noice after midnight is not allowed.