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Social assistance graduate studies – Dementia

— Atburður liðinn — 13. Sep 2023

Period: 13 september – 13 desember 2023

Classes: Wednesday at 12: 50 – 16:00

These studies are meant to sharpen the understanding of the needs and circumstances of people with dementia. There will be instruction regarding various distinctive features, as well as regarding how common various brain failure diseases are. Communication with patients and their relatives. The roles and services of interest groups will be presented. Field trips will be taken and assignments done afterwards. Syllabus provided by the instructor, videos, other materials to be presented during lessons.

This course is for social assistants only.

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The courses are intended for Efling members who are care workers. The Efling vocational funds pay the tuition in full for members who work for the public sector employers. Applications are accepted through the website of Mímir and Mímir staff can answer questions about the applications process:


Efling members add the code Efling2023 with their application and click on “Add payment code to application”.

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