How to book a holiday house

In My pages on Efling’s website union members can book holiday houses. There union member can view his/her profile sheet where information about “Vacation Fund” can be found.

To access the booking page, click on the blue button next to Full rights in the holiday frame on the profile sheet. In the picture you can also see that next to Páskar 2024 (Easter 2024) is also a blue button that takes you as well to a booking page where you can apply for holiday house during the Easter period.

On the booking page you can see the areas around the country with available holiday houses. When you click on one of the areas, a list of the properties there opens (Vestfjörður in this example below) and at the same time you can see the booking status of each property in the relevant period.

Booking area

You can perform various actions and get information when you go to the booking area on the personal page, such as an overview of previous rentals and more.

1. Members can access their rental agreement here as soon as rent is paid in full. A rental agreement will not be created until the rent is paid – but then it will appear here on the right in pdf format.

2. If a member wants to receive the rental agreement by e-mail, it is enough to click on the envelope icon, which will appear on the right side of the booking.

3. If a member wishes to post a comment about the rental – for example, a suggestion to the company about something that can be improved – a small chat window will appear on the right-hand side that can be clicked on.