Appointment at Efling

Dear union member,

Thank you for booking an appointment.

Each appointment is scheduled for a maximum of 20 minutes. Union members are expected to come alone but may bring one person with them for support or language translation.

The purpose of the appointment is to review the documents attached to your case and assess the case itself.

It is important that you send all documents related to your case before you come to your appointment. Documents can be delivered through My pages -> My cases or sent by email to and write that these are documents for a booked appointment.

Without any documents it will not be possible to assess your case and the meeting will need to be rescheduled.

It is important to bring:
1. Employment contract (if you have one) – the employment contract that is currently valid.
2. Payslips for the last 6 months or for the period in question.
3. Bank statement of payments from the employer
4. Withholding register from tax authorities (Salary Income Overview/ Staðgreiðsluskrá)
5. Time sheets for time worked during the period in question.
6. Communications with the employer, if applicable.
7. Doctor´s certificate, if applicable.
8. Letter of resignation, if applicable

Instructions for collecting these documents can be found here