The professional group of preschool assistants

The professional group of preschool assistants was founded in May of 2008.  The professional group is open to all who have concluded (or are about to conclude) preschool assistance studies and are working according to the collective agreements of Efling-union.

Meetings are held at least twice a year, annual general meetings in the spring and educational meetings in the autumn.

Preschool assistants within Efling-union now number about 150 and almost 50 are in the middle of preschool assistance studies. The largest subsection works in the preschools run by the city of Reykjavík but a sizable group also works in privately run preschools.

Most of the preschool assistants of Efling graduated from Mímir-símenntun, while several have graduated from Borgarholtsskóli.

Mímir, in cooperation with Efling, also offers college courses regarding children with special needs.

The board of the professional group of preschool assistants

Sigurrós Kristinsdóttir

Efling stéttarfélag –

Aðalbjörg J. Jóhannesdóttir

Leikskólinn Holt –

Hólmfríður V. Sævarsdóttir

Leikskólinn Seljakot –

Margrét Ósk Hjartardóttir

Leikskólinn Holt –

S. Eygló Hafsteinsdóttir

Leikskólinn Klettaborg –