Mosar, Reykholt Biskupstungum

South of Iceland – All year

  • One week38.449 kr
  • One weekend 21.621 kr
  • Arrival 17:00
  • Departure 12:00

Accommodation type

11 hús 100m2 4 Rooms 8 Beds


  • TV
  • Grill
  • Microwave
  • Crib
  • High chair
  • Dish washer
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • WiFi
  • Hot tub


New and modern vacation houses in Stóra Fljót at Reykholt in Biskupstungur. The location is unique, at a lovely vantage point south-east of the populated area of Reykholt, where there is a wide view over the South of Iceland and all the way to Flúðir.

The area is organized as a residential area so the facilities are good and the design and arrangement of the houses is geared towards enjoyment of the magnificent view there.

The size of the houses is about 100 square meters, covered with corrugated iron and surrounded with concrete porches. They are well organized on the inside so that the space is utilized as well as possible. There is an entrance on the side of the houses and beyond the entrance hall there is a bright and lovely general area with large windows on the south side with high ceilings. The general area contains a kitchen, a kitchen island, a dining room and living room and from the kitchen there is direct access to the porch. There are four bedrooms. The master bedroom has two adjoining beds, each 90 cm wide, and one children’s bed. Two rooms contain two single beds, 80 cm wide each (that is, a total of four beds in both rooms). The fourth room contains two beds, one of them 120 cm wide and the other 90 cm wide. Sleeping spaces and duvets for 8 people.

There are two bathrooms, both contain a shower. The larger one contains access to the porch and to the hot tub. All standard equipment is included, that is, a television, a refrigerator, a stove, a microwave, a gasgrill, a dishwasher, a washer, a dryer and a wi-fi. Also, there are cleaning supplies and cleaning tools. Outside the houses there is a very lovely outdoor area, a concrete porch with outdoor furniture, a gasgrill and a hot tub. The panel fence has windows so that the view may be enjoyed from the hot tub.

Terms and means of allocation

Keyhouse – the number is on the lease contract.


One week 38.449 kr. – One weekend, 3 nights 21.621 kr.


Nearby, within walking distance, there is a service area where there is, among other things, a very fine pool, a grocery store, a hot house and popular restaurants, the best known of which are Friðheimar and Mika. There is also the community center Aratunga which many remember fondly. There has long been a populated area in Reykholt, which formed around the geothermal area, where 200 people now live and where there is much gardening activity, as well as services for the neighborhood and travelers. Reykholt is located within the Golden Circle and is thus close by all the most famous natural sites and the zoo called Slakki is situated nearby.