Union representatives

According to the collective agreement every workplace with 5 or more members of Efling shall have a union representative. Union reps perform a very important function in Efling and it is a top priority to increase their number, and also to educate, train and support them.

The role of a union representative

The union rep is the link between Efling members in the workplace and their union. The union representative’s main task is to ensure that the law and the collective agreements are honoured. The union representative should be available for the co-workers. The person is supposed to facilitate communication in the workplace, find solutions in disputes, provide information and encourage the union members to seek information and assistance from the union whenever necessary.

Union representative is elected

In each workplace employees elect a union representative to a 2-year term. The election should be coordinated with Efling union. After the union confirms the election, the union representative and his/her employer receives a written confirmation letter and the union representative starts attending the union representative courses.

Here you can download a form – Declaration of a union representative.

Union representative has legal protection

It is not permitted to terminate a union representative due to the role he takes in the union. The role ensures that the union representative is the last person to terminate in case of lay-offs.

Is there no union representative in your workplace?

According to the collective agreements each workplace with five or more union members shall have a union representative.

If there is no union representative in your workplace and you would like to volunteer, please contact the office by phone 510 7500, or send an email to felagsmal@efling.is in order to get assistance with the election process. The office is happy to assist with the elections.


Union representatives shall attend courses during their term and the employer must make this possible without any cut to salary.

The union representative course aims to improve the skills and knowledge of union representatives.

The courses focus on the following:

  • Better understanding the collective agreements
  • Ability to read payslips
  • The ins and outs of the collective struggle and bargaining
  • The role, history and services of unions
  • The law and workers’ rights on the labour market

The courses also teach various other skills that make union reps more ready to attend their role.

More info on union representative courses.