Counselling for job seekers

Are you currently unemployed? Would you appreciate advice to improve your position? Are you facing any type of adversity that effects you during unemployment? If so, you might be interestetd in an individual counseling session for Efling members who are currently unemployed.

We offer 40 minutes of personal counseling with education and career counselors to discuss your rights, job search, career development and educational resources.
You may also request advice regarding available social resources here in Iceland. This counseling session is provided in both Icelandic and English. You may also request an interpreter for other languages if needed, please let us know in advance if you would like an interpreter.
Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity and make an appointment via email at or calling 510-7500 starting 15 January 2021. Please mark „individual counseling“ in the subject line if making an appointment vial email.
These counseling sessions will take place every other Wednesday starting 17 February 2021 at Efling‘s main office, Guðrúnartún 1.

Do you want to work in care

Would you like to increase your chances of finding a new job? Free participation is offered to jobseekers in a three week care course. Teaching will take place at Mímir from 08:40-15:50 at Höfðabakki 9 starting 1 March until 24 March.
This course was previously held last autumn. Due to overwhelmingly positive reviews from participatants, a decision was made to repeat the course and offer more people this opportunity to improve their chances in the labor market.

This course is sponsored by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with Efling and Mímir and is based on the curriculum of comparable vocational courses for employees in social and health services.
The course includes 82 hours with an instructor, in addition to 20 internship hours following the course for those students without work experience in care. Courses include help and care, first aid, self-empowerment, communication, physical activity and more. The curriculum is certified by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and may be ecaluated for credit at the upper secondary school leven and salary increased in future work.

The course is taughe in Icelandic. Students need to have a basic understanding of the language in order to participate per the public description of requirements for staff in nursing and residential homes. There are only 18 places available. There will be a selection from the aplicants but all applications will be answered.
Men are especially encouraged to take advantage of this course.

Please register by email at or by phone at 510 7500. Please provide name, ID number, email and telephone number in the email. You may request more information via the same email and phone number.

Back to Work

Efling will offer courses for jobseekers called Back to Work. Teaching will take place in groups of 14 people with two teachers for each group. The first course is for Efling members who have less computer skills and need advice regarding their job search. The second course is for those members who have more advanced computer skills but still wish to improve their job hunting skills.

Basic Jobseeking Course
17 February – 13:00-17:00
This course is intended for students who have little computer skills.
The main focus of this course in the use of word processing programs and creation of CVs. It will cover how documents are saved to PDF, sending and receiving of emails during a job search, and where and how to apply for a job online. At the end of the course, students should have completed writing their CV, increased skills in electronic communications and be more familiar with jobseeking media online.

Practical Jobseeking Course
24 February – 13:00-16:00
This course is intended for students who have more advanced computer skills and wish to improve their jobseeking skills.
The main focus of this course is on practical advice for job interviews, an overview of the job application process and cover letter preparation. The course will examine the Alfreð jobseeking website and the student will prepare or make improvements to both their profile and the necessary attachments that must be included with their application. An overview of courses that support career development and other educational resources and the rights of the unemployed will be introduced. At the end of this course, the student should be better prepared for a job interview and increased skills and self confidence in their job search.

Teaching will take place at Mímir, Höfðabakki 9.
Register with Efling by phone at 510-7500 or by email at
The courses are open to both Icelandic and English speakers and are free of charge for Efling members.


If you are looking for work, on leave from work or are available for other reasons, DROP-INN is for you. DROP-INN hosts a variety of educational programs every Thursday morning from 10:00-12:00. Efling members are encouraged to take advantage of this exciting program. The events will be held on the 4th floor, Guðrúnartún 1, if and when meeting restrictions allow. The events will also be broadcast on Efling‘s facebook page.

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