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EFLING – trade union is one of the largest unions in Iceland with approximately 19.000 members and covers all areas of unskilled labour in Reykjavík and its suburbs, except for employees working in commerce and trade. Our members therefore come from very different areas of the labour market. 

Efling-union has members in Reykjavík harbour, factory workers (fish and industry factories), employees in the health sector, public sector workers (garbage collection, public service etc.), transport service, food sector (production and catering service), hotels and restaurants, assistants to skilled craftsmen, etc. 

Services provided by Efling 

The services provided by Efling can be divided into a few sectors Our main emphasis is giving information on collective (wage) agreements that Efling has with employers. Efling has 5 main agreements with employers depending on the sector involved. Along with those agreements we do have some 40 special agreements with companies in different fields. We also give information on employees rights according to law. Efling offers legal help and consultation to our members. The union offers weekly interviews with our lawyers in our office. The lawyers handle the more difficult cases and disputes with employers. Some of these cases end in court where our lawyers are responsible for the legal handling of matters. Although the union´s most important task is to fight for and defend our members´ wages and rights the union also offers many other services to our members. 

Sick benefits

Efling- trade union has a Sickness Benefits Fund. The fund pays sick benefits to those members who have fulfilled minimum requirements regarding the fund and are unable to work due to illness. This fund also pays its members part of costs due to various health programs, cancer-inspection etc.


Efling – trade union has about 50 summerhouses and apartments in most parts of the country and in Copenhagen. Summerhouses and apartments can be rented all year round for a week or for weekends. 

Education grants

Efling – trade union also supports our members in their efforts to further their education i.e. if they go to school, take courses in vocational education or if they take hobby courses. We have special programs for our members who take on the responsibility as trade-union representatives in the workplace (shop-stewards). Today Efling has around 260 shop-stewards. Efling has at present cooperation with many educational institutions which can help us develop and run study programs for people with low or no formal education.

Leadership and office

Sigurður Bessason is chairman of Efling trade union. About 28 employees work in the union office in Reykjavík. On the same floor we have STARFSAFL, the educational office of the unions in the Reykjavík area. If you need any other information please do not hesitate to call us (tel. 510-7500) or visit us at Sætún 1, 105 Reykjavík. We are situated at just 3 minutes´ walk from Hlemmur Bus station in the center of Reykjavík.


Efling - stéttarfélag   |   Sætún 1   |   tel: 510 7500  |  fax: 510 7501  |