Important to learn Icelandic

11. 07, 2006

Important to learn Icelandic

Summer courses start in June

Learning Icelandic is more and more popular in Iceland especially among foreign employees who have come to work here temporarily or on a long term basis. Many groups in the working market and individuals have been attending courses in Mímir- símenntun. Mímir overtook Icelandic courses from Námsflokkar Reykjavíkur last autumn which means that this part of Mimir school activity will grow in the coming future. Opportunities for studying Icelandic are now more  than ever  and the unions offer more financial support than before. So if you are a foreign worker in Iceland, interested in studying Icelandic, please contact Mímir-símenntun.

In a few days the Summer School for foreigners will start on June 26th. The Summer School offers foreigners who have lived in Iceland for up to four years an opportunity to study Icelandic in courses that last for 3-4 weeks, depending on whether they choose daytime or evening classes. These are 50 hour courses and those who live in the Reykja­vík community pay 22.000.- kr. and those who live outside Reykjavík pay 33.000.-  Efling educational funds pay part of this cost.

Apart from these summer courses Mimir offers Icelandic courses all year round on five levels. The School for Settlers in Iceland, Landnemaskólinn, has been a joint assignment of Efling Union and Mimir for some years. This is not only a language training but offers some insight into the community of Iceland, culture and working market.

Icelandic is a difficult language and many foreigners might feel  inferior if they can not use the language in a confident manner. Therefore it is important for all foreigners to learn the language to be able to have equal opportunities on the labour market and in the society.

Please contact Efling Union or Mimir for further information and remember that the union pays about 75-90% of the expenses.  The School of Settlers will start in the autumn and you can book yourself at Efling or Mímir-símenntun.