What support do I have

12. 09, 2006


What support do I have from Efling?

Members of Efling union can apply for educational grants. The main rules of the educational funds of Efling state that those applying for a refund must have been members of the union for a 12 month period before applying. Grants to those in part-time employment are proportional. The amount of any grant offered to an individual for vocational education they choose themselves is from 44.000 – 50.000,- kr. a year. The main rule is that the total amount paid by Efling covers maximum 75% of the cost of the course. In case of hobby courses the amount paid by Efling is 15.000,- kr. or maximum 50% of the cost.

In order to apply for a refund applicants must fill out a special form, available at the union office and on the union website www.efling.is under the heading of “Education”. Applicants must also present receipt(s) for payment for the course together with a certificate that states that the course or semester is finished. Grants are paid every month.