Resolution of Delegate council

The delegate council of Efling passed resolutins on it´s meeting yesterday, November 11.

Resolution to speed up the electon of the board and annual general meeting

According to articles 10 and 29 of the laws of Efling Union the election of the board shall take place every year before the end of March and the annual meeting shall be held before the end of May. It does not say how early the board election and annual meeting may be held.

The Delegate Council holds the view that in light of circumstances the board election and annual meeting of 2022 shall be held as early as possible.

The Delegate Council requests that the election of the board in 2022 be held before February 15 and the annual meeting held before March 15.

Resolution about previous chairman

Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir gave promises about changes in Efling in the election campaign in spring of 2018. She has kept those promises. In Sólveig Anna’s time as chairman, the service of the union has been greatly improved.

Most importantly, the union has been transformed into a campaign movement. By mobilizing members to participate in strike action, negotiation committees, mass meetings and public advocacy, the union has been completely revolutionized.

Sólveig Anna showed that Efling could not only lead a renewed struggle of low wage workers but could also achieve real success in this struggle. This is firmly proven by wage development statistics over the last years.

The Delegate Council wishes to thank Sólveig Anna for her relentless fight for the interests of Efling members, and regrets her departure.