Statement from the board of Efling

The board of Efling met at a meeting on November 4th. There, the resignation of Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir from the seat of chairman was processed. The elected vice-chairman, Agnieszka Ewa Ziólkowska, takes her place and will perform the duties of union chairman until the next chairman and board election, which will take place according to union bylaws at the end of March next year. Ólöf Helga Adolfsdóttir was at the meeting elected vice-chairman by the board. 

The board of Efling is focusing on securing the uninterrupted operations of the union. Efling has a rich history, reaching back to the beginning of the labour movement in Iceland. The union’s office is staffed by a broad group of people who service members every day. The union provides information and assistance in wage calculations and safeguarding rights, it provides educational grants and rents out summer houses to members. Efling operates a powerful sickness benefits fund where payments can be requested for illness and various other health-related grants. Efling provides legal assistance in disputes with employers and manages a large educational programme. These operations will remain at the core of Efling operations, with the interests of members in the foreground. 

The large task of preparing for collective bargaining awaits the union, as the current agreements expire at the end of next year. In this task, Efling will remain a strong advocate of working people. The board thanks Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir and Viðar Þorsteinsson for their work for the union during the nearly four years that they’ve led it. Their contribution to the struggles of low-wage workers, women, and immigrants in Iceland is inestimable. 

The board of Efling will now focus on the tasks it must do. The chairman will work with the office in resolving issues that have come up in the union’s operations. Despite the disagreement which has become a matter of media discussion, the union’s board and staff are united in ensuring service to Efling members.