Efling demands that Íslandshótel stop making unlawful threats to staff

Efling – union has sent the following letter to Íslandshótel demanding that Íslandshótel stop their illegal threats to staff:

Íslandshótel hf. and Fosshótel Reykjavík ehf.
Sigtún 28, 105 Reykjavík


Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise and State Mediation Officer

Reykjavík, 27 January 2023

Subject: Demand that Íslandshótel stop making unlawful threats to their staff

Efling members who work in the hotels of Íslandshótel have sought assistance from their union. They have delivered a copy of an undated letter/poster where the company uses threats about losing income to influence the opinions and voting behaviour of staff in the ongoing strike vote.

Furthermore, the company compelled all Efling members in the workplace to attend a meeting where a similar message was communicated in a one sided and misleading manner.

In addition, the union has received complaints from the staff of Íslandshótel about the interference of managers with Efling members regarding the ongoing strike vote. The staff thinks that that their job safety is threatened, and they also feel discomfort due to the strain and pressure caused by this interference.

Putting such pressure on the staff because of union matters and labour disputes is not permitted according to the law on unions and labour market disputes nr. 80/1938. The text of art. 4 is as follows:

„Employers … are not permitted to try to influence the political opinion of their workers, their views or participation in unions or political organziations or labour disputes with … discharge or threats of such discharge [or] payments, promises of profit or denial of rightful payments.“

Efling – union demands that Íslandshótel immediatly stop their unlawful attempts at putting pressure on the staff because of the ongoing strike vote with threats of loss of income and/or promisses of money payments.

The union will depending on the circumstances go to the Labour Court and make demands of fines.

Confirmation of reception is requested.

Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir
chaiman of Efling – union

Appendix – The letter/poster that the staff of Íslandshótel handed over to Efling: