Strike Call in Hotel Chains and Truck Driving and Oil Distribution Put to Vote

In its meeting last night, the negotiations committee of Efling – Union approved strike calls for, on the one hand the hotel chain Berjaya Hotels and the hotel The Reykjavík Edition, and on the other hand for jobs driving trucks and in oil distribution. Ballots among Efling members affected by these calls will be advertised on the Efling webpage before noon today.

The strike call in Berjaya Hotels reaches more than 300 hundred Efling members. These are the hotels that previously were operated under the name of Icelandair Hotels, i.a. Hotel Natura by Nauthólsvegur and Hilton Nordica in Suðurlandsbraut. Well over one hundred Efling members work in The Reykjavík Edition. If these groups approve the strike they will join the close to 300 Efling members who have already approved a strike in Íslandshótels.

The strike call in Samskip reaches all truck driving from the headquarters of the company by Sundahöfn. The strike call at Olíudreifing and Skeljungur reaches driving and other work related to oil distribution. These companies handle all distribution of oil from the oil depot in Örfirisey, which is the largest in the country. The strike call is accompanied by a protocol about exemption committees that are to discuss exemption requests from the strike call due to public safety.

In the meeting last night the negotiations committee affirmed its support of the demands from the Efling members in Samskip, Olíudreifing and Skeljungur. In all these workplaces some of the employment terms are parts of special collective agreements. The committee has already put forth demands for the raising of wage table categories for drivers.

The voting on these strike calls will begin at 12 o´clock noon on Friday February 3rd and it will end at 6 pm on Tuesday February 7th.