EFFAT Issues a Declaration of Solidarity with Striking Workers

The European Federation of Food, Agriculture, and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT) has issued a declaration of solidarity with the strike action of workers in the seven hotels of Íslandshótel in Reykjavík.

In a press release from EFFAT it is stated that collective agreements, including the right to go on strike, are basic human rights that allow working people to demand fair wages and better employment terms.

EFFAT, which represents workers in hotels and restaurants in Europe will closely follow the development of the collective bargaining and stands united with workers in Íslandshótel until the bargaining leads to a positive conclusion. Here below you can read the declaration.

Solidarity to Íslandshótel striking workers in Reykjavik

EFFAT expresses solidarity with striking workers in seven Íslandshótel in Reykjavik.

Workers started a strike today after collective bargaining negotiations did not lead to a new collective agreement.

Collective bargaining, including the right to strike, is a basic human right that enables working people to claim fair wages and improve their conditions.

EFFAT, representing hotel and restaurant workers in Europe, will monitor the developments of these negotiations and keep standing with Íslandshótel workers until negotiations lead to a positive outcome.

Kerstin Howald EFFAT Tourism Political Secretary