Equal pay certification by the Office of Equality and BMI in Iceland

We are proud to announce that Efling is an Equal Pay Certified workplace. In March 2023, Efling received the Equal Pay Certification from BSI in Iceland for the Equal Pay Standard ÍST 85, and subsequently received confirmation from the Equal Pay Office for the Equal Pay Certification. The Equal Pay Certification confirms that a process has been established that ensures that procedures and decisions in pay matters do not involve gender-based discrimination. The goal of the Equal Pay Certification is to combat the gender pay gap and promote gender equality in the labor market.

The equal pay certification is valid from 2023-2026.

Efling emphasizes supporting equal pay and equal opportunities for people of all genders. Efling’s Equality Plan applies to all employees and aims to make Efling a desirable workplace where equality and non-discrimination prevail. The Equality Plan is presented to the public on Efling’s website and can be accessed here.